Bogdan Stoica

My artistic approach builds on a deep-rooted desire to understand and explore the intimate and emotional facets of our existence. Through the mediums of photography, film and sculpture, I aim within my work, to both mirror, and conceptualize, the intrinsic links between memory and identity. Both individual and social, memory injects itself into the still images, moving frames, sounds and objects of my work, shaping itself by drawing on the specific characteristics of the different mediums used, all the while questioning their contributions as well as their limitations.

My approach communicates through a dualism: first, through the documentary perspective, it captures portraits, the environment in which they arise, and the facticity surrounding us that, in turn, raise issues regarding the nature of preconception (the cliché), the vernacular, of banality and emotionality; secondly, conceptual lens seeks, in fiction, allegory and manipulations, a mediation of the same human experience. Deeply embedded in the present, my work looks to the past and its human and social ramifications so as to reflect on the concepts of ethics, empathy and inheritance that compose our deepest notions of being and becoming.

hill02Vue de l‚Äô√ģle des artistes au¬† parc Ior, in the context of¬†Hai, Puiule, hai¬†! Va, mon cheval,va¬†!, inkjet print, 40 in x 100 in, 2015