Bonnie Baxter

I approach the world with a desire to see everything, somehow, miraculously coming together and making sense, knowing, at the same time, how humorously implausible this is. Through printmaking, multi-media and installation (in short, whatever comes to hand and seems right at the time) I focus on identity through semi- and para-autobiographical subject matter. It’s the closest I can get to something authentic. Yet the very layers created by the telling of my stories inevitably obscure them, and it is, in the end, my perception of the viewer, that is reflected back. Ambiguity is important to me. I am not one place and one time. I am neither old nor young. I am both Canadian and American, both Qu√©b√©coise and Californian.¬† I have exhibited my work in many places including Turkey (a place of infinite welcome), China (where things look amazing and the people are complicated) and India (where I would love to go). My series Rewind travelled across Canada and the United States. Now, Jane, my alter-ego-archetype of sorts has travelled around Quebec in the series Jane’s Journey, she went on to inhabit the series Jane in China where she floated undetermined until she was eliminated with the official announcement of her death in 2011. My current series La mort tragique et pr√©matur√©e de Jane, a fanciful venture into Pulp Fiction, will, hopefully, put her to rest once and for all and let me proceed with a new stage in my existence as an artist.

DeadJane-webJane is Dead, digital print, 60 inches x 106 inches, 2010