Éric Simon

As a multidisciplinary artist, my work revolves mainly around painting and drawing and is driven by an interest in the notion of the interval and the in-between. As such, I rely on chance occurences and accidents to uncover the workings, structures and connections between mind, languages and thought process. I am curious of how mental events such as ideas and emotions translate into cerebral activity. These interests have translated in large scale drawings of geometric and organic networks and installations that have been shown in Canada and abroad. Experiments with language include « Ceuphylgues » a book written in an invented language that was read and recorded accompanied by a cello soundtrack and « Fake it ‘til you make it », two public readings in Canada and in Sweden around the work of fictional artists. The readings were performed live in English and in Swedish, using Google translator to produce the text in Swedish. Recently I have begun working on large scale partitions and drawings of patterns and rhythms in response to the music of American composer Philip Glass.

My work has been the subject of exhibitions in such venues as Musée de Joliette, Galerie Graff, Galerie Donald Browne in Montréal, Artmandat in France as well as a series of hit-and-run exhibitions in offbeat Montréal ephemeral galleries, offering visitors installations that managed to balance my affection for both Art Brut and realism. I am one of four founding member of Drawing Lab Dessin as well as a member of the inter-university research/creation group Stratégies artistiques de spatialisation du savoir initiated and directed by Suzanne Leblanc (Université Laval). I have published four books of fiction and poetry and received numerous grants and awards. I am currently Chair of Studio Arts at Concordia University and a professor in the Painting and Drawing Program.

000 q Que Seurat SeuratQue Seurat Seurat exhibition, vernissage parade, Centre Clark, 1991