Fannie Gadouas

Fannie Gadouas is a Montreal-based emerging artist and curator. She is an alumni of the Haliburton School of The Arts, Fleming College, where she graduated as Valedictorian, receiving two college certificates in both Darkroom Photography and Design. Gadouas also recently graduated from Concordia University, receiving her BFA in Studio Arts with a major in Photography. Gadouas currently works as the Coordinator of Research for the Post Image Cluster, and as Project Coordinator for Galerie B-312.

Gadouas works with the mediums of photography, video, fiber art and performance art, exploring issues pertaining to feminine identity and experience. By re-appropriating various traditional imagery, techniques and rituals, she questions and challenges the way gendered identity is constructed and perceived in western society. Both as a curator and artist, Gadouas is greatly interested and considerate of heritage and history, exploring the ways in which knowledge, skills and behaviors are transferred through generations and time.


the woman who spoke to willows (Great-Grandmother, 1981), inkjet, 36×24″, 2016