Mitch Mitchell

Mitch Mitchell is an interdisciplinary artist currently investigating roles of labour, generations, identity of person/place and event through the global texture of print and print industry-based ephemera. Mitch’s conceptual explorations take on many forms within his studio based projects including the physical and mental fatigue of manual labour, the charged psychic space of mundane objects fabricated from copper,  hand quilted paper hot air balloons struggling to rise and fall via the presence of the gallery audience and video works of hands crafting bread dough from flour made of rust.

His current body of research investigates multiple roles of memory and madness through the consuming relationship of obsessive labour and the mental fatigue of family secrets through narrative.  Mitch is currently completing a 5 year long project titled He Will Meet You in the Sun which will debut at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia during the summer of 2016 where it will travel Canada.

01MitchellDistance Arc, silkscreen, rust ink on quilted newsprint paper, electronics, air inflation system. Archival blueprints portfolio (not pictured), dimensions variable, 2014-2015