The Post Image Cluster is part of the cross-faculty Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology, a research centre at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. The Post Image Cluster is uniquely located both within an academic and contemporary art context.


Post Image 
Since the advent of digital technology, the photographic practice has experienced deep transformations. The new millenium has forced artists to reposition themselves, while familiar production methods used by image artists since several decades were disappearing and being replaced with new idioms. Beyond digital technologies, social media and the web, the current age sees researchers seek a renewed balance between the ¬ęnew¬Ľ technologies and the ¬ęclassical¬Ľ language and tools of image-making.

Image-based researchers (group and individuals) are defining the Post Image Cluster as a dynamic research space with an open studio access model. The Post Image Cluster allows researchers to come together around ongoing projects, to take part in discussion, analysis, exchange and critical commentary, and to join in the production of individual and collective dissemination programs. Research training and technical training in digital imaging, sharing of research through artist presentations, roundtable forums, onsite exhibitions, web publications, developing a research network through artist residencies, are some of the activities that are conducted and encouraged. The Post Image Cluster provides researchers and grad students with access to a high-end technical platform (printers, scanners, portable equipment) and supports them in the production of sophisticated artworks for exhibition and publication.


For more information about Milieux Institute visit milieux.concordia.ca

Apply to become a Post Image Cluster member by downloading the application form here and returning it to post.image@concordia.ca.