New Cameras: Toyo 45AⅡ & Toyo 810MⅡ

The new large format cameras have arrived in the Digital Imaging lab and will be available through the OBR soon. Accreditation is required for each camera and prior large format experience is necessary.

The Toyo 45AⅡ is a 4X5 field camera that is ideal for travel or working outside the studio. It is small and compact and the kit comes with wide and normal lenses and everything necessary for working with the camera, minus the film. A carbon fibre Manfrotto tripod is available for booking with the field camera kit.

The Toyo 810MⅡ is an 8X10 field camera. It is significantly heavier than the 4X5 field camera, but still suitable for working in the field as well as a studio. The 8X10 kit contains all needed accessories and a heavy duty Gitzo tripod is available for this kit. We will also be offering 8X10 film for users to purchase by the sheet.

Demo dates have been added to the workshop schedules page and an additional batch of initial workshops have been scheduled for the third week of may:

    Toyo 45AⅡ

  • May 16th at 2:30
  • May 17th at 2:30
  • May 18th at 2:30

    Toyo 810MⅡ

  • May 16th at 3:00
  • May 17th at 3:00
  • May 18th at 3:00

The 8X10 workshop will also include a demonstration of the Creo iQsmart flatbed scanner.

To sign up for a workshop (or if you have any questions) e-mail The demos will be held in room 10.715 and will be limited to 3 participants each. Future workshops will be held monthly for the time being.

Posted by Scott on May 3rd, 2012