Anne-Renée Hotte

Through the coexistence of the landscape and the human figure, Anne-Renée Hotte questions the dualities and symbiosis between group membership and individuality. Her work evokes the idea of a necessarily imperfect community evolving at the rhythm of a world where the notions of nature and culture participate in a logic of the decentering of the narrative, a sliding of visions. Thus, her photographic series present an oscillation between a personal state of introspection and belonging to a larger world, revealing certain paradoxes of human life.

Anne-RenĂ©e Hotte lives and works in Montreal. A photography graduate from Concordia University (2010), she completed her master’s degree in visual and media arts at the UniversitĂ© du QuĂ©bec Ă  MontrĂ©al in 2015. Her work has been presented in several locations abroad and in QuĂ©bec, including at the Galerie Artem (Quimper, France), the Gallery of the University of Indonesia (Jakarta), Volta NY (New York, USA), CaravansĂ©rail (Rimouski), the FOFA Gallery, the Galerie de l’UQĂ€M (MontrĂ©al) and at the Galerie Trois Points (MontrĂ©al). In 2013, she created a public artwork for the CHU QuĂ©bec-UniversitĂ©-Laval, which will be exhibited throughout the construction of the new center. Anne-RenĂ©e Hotte also participated in the 8th edition of the Kamouraska Photographic Meetings in 2016.