Lise Latreille

Lise Latreille’s photographic practice explores space, place, and the layers of time that collect within them. She looks at how architectural and organic forms interact in a given place, acting upon each other as temporal markers, creating strata of time, and a condensation of it. The spaces depicted, as well as the act of photographing, act as a meditation on how the present is inflected by the past. She is particularly interested in the rural and liminal landscapes that inform her own lived experience.

Currently, Latreille is exploring ideas of inside and outside as reciprocal in nature, in both the content of the images and in formal play through booklets and folded prints. The images depict a metaphysical landscape in which the concrete, the transitory, the defunct and the active have equal weight. She is based in Montreal, where she is currently working toward an MFA at Concordia University.

lise latreille - photography
Window Screen/Late Summer, c-print, 30 in x 30 in, 2015