Raymonde April

Raymonde April was born in Moncton in 1953 and grew up in Rivière-du-Loup. At a time when photography practice was more often documentary than artistic, she developed her ideas independently during studies in visual arts at Université Laval, influenced by literature and film. She has been active in the artistic community, co-founding La Chambre Blanche in 1978 in Quebec city, one of the first artist-run centres in Canada.

In Raymonde April’s photographs, moments of everyday life are captured, transformed and magnified through a refined use of the formal qualities of the photographic image. Her work happens where she finds herself with the subjects that surround her. Her methods and objects of study are defined by an intuitive, but quite precise, cumulative approach. Most of her photography was created in black and white, until 1999-2000, when she started to introduce colour & digital photography, 16 mm film, video and sound, and images from her archives (including family photographs), in order to investigate the notions of memory, history and fragmentation. After all those years, she is still fascinated with the transformation of life into image.

55_RApril_NearYouNoCold_Autoportrait55_Sans titre_18 février 2013 (untitled, Feb 18 2013), 99 x 148,5 cm, épreuve à développement chromogène / chromogenic print, 2014