The Post Image Cluster is part of Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology, a research centre at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. The Post Image Cluster is uniquely located both within an academic and contemporary art context.

Image-based research groups and individuals help define the Post Image Cluster as a dynamic research space with an open studio access model. Post Image allows researchers and graduate students to come together around ongoing projects, to take part in the discussion, analysis, exchange, critical commentary of images, and to join in the production and dissemination of individual and collective projects.

As a research-creation working group, we strive to foster an image based research culture that locates itself in-between institutional and community driven art making. Our initiatives, events and facilities are grounded in studio practice and prioritize collective models in the learning and sharing of ideas combined with self-directed research.

Below are the different membership categories within the Post Image Cluster:

  • Full Time Faculty Members: Individuals who are interested in image-based practice or research and would to contribute to cluster activities and funding initiatives.
  • Part Time Faculty Members: Individuals who are interested in image-based practice or research who want to contribute to cluster activities.
  • Graduate Student Members: Invited graduate students who would like to contribute to cluster research, activities and broader activity collaborations with faculty members.
  • Visiting Artist Members: Invited artists who want to contribute to cluster activities as well as embark on thematically relevant research and/or work production.
  • Affiliate Members: Artists, researchers and research-assistants affiliated with post image via their contribution to a project or research initiative. These members are invited by faculty and approved by the board.
  • Undergraduate Fellow Members: Two undergraduate student members are nominated each academic year by the Post Image Board based on their academic achievements and artistic practice.

Apply to become a Post Image Cluster member by downloading the application form here and sending it to postimage.research@gmail.comAll membership applications are reviewed by the Post Image Cluster Board, Directors, and Research Coordinator.

For more information about Milieux Institute for Arts, Culture and Technology, please visit milieux.concordia.ca.


Research Coordinator – Maggie McCutcheon


Monday, Wednesday, 
1 – 6pm or by appointment

Lab Coordinators –Thomas Kneubühler + Velibor Božović


Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 
1 – 6pm or by appointment

VR –Marco Antonio Luna Barahona



Marisa Portolese

Daniel Cross

Velibor Božović

Thomas Kneubühler

Marco Antonio Luna Barahona

Chih-Chien Wang

Jinyoung Kim

Zinnia Naqvi

Garnet Dirksen

Maggie McCutcheon


1515 Ste-Catherine St. W

Room EV 10-715

Montreal, QC H3G2W1