Post Image Lab – what has changed?


Some things have changed since we said goodbye to the Digital Imaging Lab on June 30th 2015, others stayed the same when we opened again as the Post Image Lab in August. Most important, we still have the same equipment, and we are still open to all Faculty and Graduate Students.

Here the important changes:

Portable Equipment: It is no longer possible to book portable equipment via PIR. Instead, you are asked to send a booking request to For details see the section Make a Booking

New staff: Velibor Božović and Jacques Bellavance have joint the team of technical staff. Everyone is under a small part-time contract, and our office hours are from Monday to Thursday 1-6 pm, or by appointment.

Invoices for material usages: You will pay at the same location as before, at EV 11-455, which is now the office of the Institute. For the moment, it is not possible to pay with a card, only cash and cheques are accepted.

Email: The general e-mail address is now

Post Image Cluster: As previously announced, we are now part the new cross-faculty research centre, the Institute for Digital Arts, Culture and Technology – this is the biggest change. The Post Image Cluster will organize research activities, and some of them will take place in the lab. It has its own corner, with bookshelves, tables and a computer station.

Kitchen: On the 11th floor, the kitchen and lounge is now open daily from 9 – 6. It can be accessed by all institute members, and it a great place to meet researchers from other clusters.

Hexagram: We used to be part of Hexagram-Concordia, which evolved into the new Institute for Digital Arts, Culture and Technology. What is still very much alive is the Hexagram network for research-creation in media arts, and some cluster members are part of it.

Space of the Post Image Cluster at EV 10-715