2019 Milieux Post Image Fellow: Eric Tschaeppeler


A Short Interview with Post-Image Research Cluster’s 2018-19 undergraduate student fellow: Eric Tschaeppeler

Year and Program of Study
Where did you grow up or where do you identify as your home place?
What interested you to pursue to images and/or photography?
What makes current image-making interesting to you?
Brought up in Gloucester, England. I moved continents four times but Montreal feels like home after having spent half my life here. Always as a bit of an outsider though, I think I like it like that. Music was my first passion. I composed and performed with bands for 30 years starting in the Punk and New wave days. Needing to give my ears a break and work alone, I switched to visual arts as they offered more support and more intellectual feedback/dialogue. I’m in my 5th year of a Photography BFA. Interested in family and social relationships and I am motivated by the unpacking of my own relationships as well as our present Socio-political and environmental challenges. Even though we are inundated with visual data I still find we can be touched by images and that they can tell a story.
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