Outre-vie / Afterlife

Research-creation on the correlation of images within photographic and filmic space-time.

This project is based in visual arts practice, specifically in photography and video. The “afterlife” of photographic and film images is examined within a context of renewed narratives and representations. The metaphorical aspect of “afterlife” is approached in two ways: images that capture and extend the presence of disappearing subjects, people, places ; images that can be used as primary material, conductor threads within new configurations, creating active bodies of work in video and film installations.

Directed by Raymonde April, who is currently holding a Recherche Création grant from Fonds Québecois de la Recherche sur la Société et la Culture (FRQSC). Core members of the Outre-Vie/Afterlife group include: student researcher members, (i.e., MFA Studio Arts, MA INDI, PhD HUMA), as well as affiliated collaborators, both faculty and prominent visiting artist-researchers from the local artistic community.